First and Premium Grade trees from Trees for Christmas First and Premium Grade trees from Trees for Christmas
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Welcome to the Trees For Christmas Website 2016
First and Premium Grade trees from Trees for ChristmasWe are a small company and value repeat business. We have been selling Christmas Trees for over 15 years and have built up an excellent reputation on the basis of supplying only top quality trees. We only stock 1st and premium grade trees. The good news this year is that with supply continuing to improve and a very favourable £/Euro exchange rate we have been able to actually reduce prices on most sizes. Supply is good and only the supply of ever tricky 7/8ft and 8/10ft sizes promises to be a bit tight again. Quality looks to be good across all sizes. Our Nordman Fir are sourced from Denmark and Scotland and most of our Norway Spruce is from Surrey.

What we offer, that many other wholesalers don’t, is that you can mix and match quantities, sizes and species as you wish, you do not need to order a full pallet of any particular size so you can be totally flexible with your order. Minimum order is 20 trees.

We offer free delivery within our delivery area of London and South East for orders over £750. Although based in Surrey we can deliver to all other areas of the UK on an overnight pallet service at cost or you are welcome to collect from our yard 7 days a week - 7am to 5pm.

One thing to beware of is that some large wholesalers have decided to regrade, re-tag or change their method of height measurement in the last year or so. Many are now using a butt to tip measurement rather than the traditional butt to halfway up the terminal leader. So if you bought a particular colour tagged tree last year you might find that the same colour tag and grade is 6” – 12” smaller this year, but the price is just the same. We are still using the traditional method of measurement. Check before you buy. Caveat emptor!

Norway spruce continues its resurgence as the traditional Christmas tree and this has also meant a shortage of good quality trees particularly in the 6/7ft size range. We have got stock but expect this to go very quickly. As ever we would urge buyers to place orders early to avoid disappointment. The days of leaving it late and hoping to pick up cheap surplus stock are long gone. Leave it late and be disappointed! Book early to secure your supplies.

Supply, stocks and quality of larger 9ft plus display trees are good. We can also often help out with supplies of lower grade trees for set dressing, parties, themed events etc. just ask.

Please beware of the various scams that continue to occur. If you are offered trees at a price that seems too good to be true they are almost certainly sub standard, poor quality ones at best or at worst don't exits at all and you will only discover this when your delivery fails to arrive. Weare happy for you to inspect the trees to check the quality for yourself.

If you are retailing trees we have some netting machines we can hire if you buy your trees from us. Please also see our retailing hints on the website.

If you have any queries at all Tina, Dionne or Ian will be pleased to help and advise you.

Please note we are wholesalers so our minimum order is 20 trees up to 8ft.
We do supply individual trees over 10ft.
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